The firm manages several equity oriented fund-of-hedge-funds with the objective of providing our clients with superior risk-adjusted returns and an emphasis on risk control and downside protection. We manage capital for both U.S. and international investors, including retirement plans, endowments, foundations, and high net worth individuals.

Summit Private Investments

Founded in 1980 as an institutional investment consultant, the firm has a long history of working with institutional investors to manage asset allocations and diversify investment risk.

In 1991, capitalizing on this expertise, the firm initiated a fund-of-hedge-fund partnership for high net worth investors and institutions. The firm has a 20+ year track record, and fund-of-hedge-funds are the core of SPI’s business today.


Our basic investment philosophy is unchanged since the inception of our first partnership in 1991.

The hedge fund industry has changed dramatically over the last decade. With this growth, the need to screen thousands of funds and then analyze and evaluate the remainder in order to find the opportunities requires a defined investment philosophy and disciplined process.

SPI was founded and the funds are managed based on several core principles…


Process SPI’s portfolio managers engage in a rigorous process to select and continually monitor each of the firm’s underlying funds.

Fund Information Our objective is to achieve returns competitive with the equity market over the medium to long term with significantly less volatility.

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